Shopping with us is very simple.

After you selected gifts for yourself, your loved ones, business colleagues... simply send an email with your order, and then we’ll contact you to arrange payment and delivery methods. Desired items can be also ordered by phone at + 91 600 385 9000. Also, we’ll be glad to take your call and answer to any further inquiries, or book you certain gifts / paintings and agree on all the other details of the purchase.

    • For images, along with the bill, we issued a Certificate of authenticity / Certificate and purchase agreement;
    • The prices of paintings contain all the costs of framing and equipping them;
    • According to your specifications, paintings and other items from our assortment, you can order packed in some of our exclusive gift packaging with a minimum charge (depending on the dimensions of the package);
    • After purchase, if you wish, we can arrange delivery of paintings / gifts to the address you want to;
    • For all orders of paintings in a minimum amount of one thousand HRK, we arrange free delivery within Croatia;
    • Website is updated regularly, but sometimes because of your great interest may be that some paintings were sold that day, and so, in this case, we’ll contact you and arrange other options;
    • All prices are in HRK and contain VAT; in the case of a significant change in the exchange rate HRK-EUR we reserve the right to correct them.

Dear Customers, the prices of all of these paintings include the box and complete equipment. For special orders, as well as oil paintings and other works of the author, please contact us.